woensdag 24 november 2010

Arabian Nights...

Last summer me and my boyfriend took a trip to Dubai and oh boy, how I loved it! It was sooo hot, but so special! We were determined to see as much as possible in a couple of days. Not only the new Dubai, but also taste the old town and the history. We took a jeep safari in to the dessert, had a special meal on pillows while smoking apple tobacco, walked around in the old souks and visited a great museum, which showed the history of Dubai. All of this was arranged by the best tourguide in Dubai, the mother of my brothers girlfriend. Are you planning to visit Dubai and you want a (affordable) guide, send me an email.

Our hotel was very special, we booked an amazing four star hotel with an enormous discount. The design was modern but with the Arabian twist. We really loved it and I can recommend it to anybody!

Dubai I love you...!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw!Prachtige foto's!
    Ik ga waarschijnlijk volgend jaar rond deze tijd naar Dubai, of ja Al Ain!

  2. wauw mooie foto's ! Ik zou daar ook echt zograag eens heen gaan !

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  4. That is beautiful! Yes Dubai is a great place!!


  5. Waauw, geweldige foto's!
    Je hebt een super leuke blog (:


  6. Jeeeeeetje. Vette foto's maak jij zeg. Doe je goed. Leuke blog ook.

  7. Kom steeds weer een stukje op je blog tegen dat ik nog niet eerder heb gezien, maar wat dan ontzettend leuk blijkt te zijn! Gave foto's!


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